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Enneagram Summit 2021

5 Days

over 25 Live Workshops

9 Enneagram Type Panels

over 24 Hours of Enneagram Content

Throughout The Enneagram Summit, you’ll learn all things “Enneagram." The Enneagram is a proven map of personality that assists in deep intimate self-discovery. The Enneagram can help you uncover your personal roadblocks and motivations giving you the opportunity to make the changes needed to live the life you truly want.

I'm talking healthier relationships, higher self-esteem, more ease around work, money and so much more!

And yes, it’s THAT good!

The Enneagram Summit is for you if you . . .

Find yourself in patterns of behavior that aren't working for you or your relationships but don't know where to start fixing it.

Crave being able to make decisions from a place of ease but always question if you have the knowledge you really need to do so.

Wish you could leave conversations with loved ones and coworkers feeling heard, understood, and supported instead of feeling disconnected and distant.

You're ready to begin an honest but loving relationship to yourself.

Desire individual and professional success but don’t know what keeps holding you back.

Are craving deeper more complex understandings of the Enneagram and a fresh new perspective! 

When you register, you’ll gain access to over 30 live workshops! Some with the foremost Enneagram experts in the world about their experience with the Enneagram and discussing the areas of Enneagram work that are fascinating them the most right now. We will also be hosting 9 Enneagram type panels so that you can get a more complex, intimate glimpse into each Enneagram type. 

Each speaker was handpicked because of their wisdom, depth of spirit and deep personal work. Each talk will be engaging, life giving and insightful.

The theme of this year's summit is 'Tell me something new about the Enneagram.' We are exploring vast new areas of interest within the Enneagram model as well as the needed introductory content for a solid foundation. 

This is the content you are looking for if you are ready for the Enneagram to help you grow!

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5 days
58 speakers
7 categories

During the Enneagram Summit you will be able to... 

Determine your Enneagram type.

Learn about new and old enneagram elements and theories.

Better understand yourself and others.

Create deeper, long-lasting relationships.

Make real progress in your personal and professional goals.

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5 days
58 speakers
7 categories

Meet your host... 

Hi, I’m Sarajane Case, and I’m the face behind the Enneagram & Coffee Podcast and author of The Honest Enneagram. I was desperate to live my life differently when I found the Enneagram. It was the tool I needed to help me make sense of my relationships, understand how I should orient my business, and enable me to design my life to reflect who I am and what I want.

Because of the Enneagram’s dramatic impact on my life, I’ve made it my mission to share this life-changing tool with as many people as possible. To do that, I’ve brought in some of today’s leading experts to share their Enneagram wisdom and journey with you.

I’m so confident that increasing your understanding of the Enneagram will allow you to better serve yourself, your loved ones, and your career as you as uncover who you are and what drives you. I can’t wait to see how this summit changes your life!

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The Summit Ticket gives you five-day access to all 30 webinars throughout the summit. This is a great option if you’ve got the space in your day to take advantage of each day’s webinars as they’re happening live or by the end of the five days.

If you feel like you have a good understanding of the Enneagram and are looking to only check out webinars that align with your current interests or goals, this is the ticket for you!


The All-Access Pass gives you LIFETIME access to all 30 webinars. That means you can listen to any of the webinars whenever, wherever, forever. This is a great option if you want to take your time going through each webinar at your leisure and return to them in the future.

The All-Access Pass also gives you entry to our private “The Enneagram Summit” Facebook group where Sarajane will do a live “Question & Answer” segment each day of the summit at 3p EST. This month-long group gives you the chance to connect with Sarajane and other individuals out there who are just as curious as you about the Enneagram and how it impacts their lives as you are through daily conversation starters.

If you love the Enneagram and want to learn more and really be able to apply it—now and in the future—the All-Access Pass is what you need.

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